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The Cupboard is run as a not for profit partnership. The Cupboard was initiated in late 2006 and emerged from work with Local Authorities to measure economic impact of procurement in the North East (LM3). It became clear that for change to take place an evidence base for procurers was required to show how sustainable outcomes could be achieved within existing procurement legislative and cultural environments.

The development of the cupboard was funded by the East Midlands Regional Development Agency (emda) as part of the Local Alchemy programme delivered by the New Economics Foundation (Nef). The founding principles were and remain that as public money had been spent that all information should be free for access to all, and that the service should be operated as a not for profit. Since the launch in May 2007 the number of contributors, the available content, and usage of the site have all increased remarkably.

Both Defra and the NHS have selected the site to use for their own case histories, and have benefitted from this free environment.

Procurement Cupboard

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